Innovation, sustainability, local community and the global community. These are the four poles that guide our corporate responsibility since the first half of the 2000s.
The tools of environmental sustainability are becoming more advanced thanks to technological innovation; In 2009 we installed 1140 solar panels with a total area of 1455 square meters. A facility with av annual average yield of 231,660.00 Kw/h with an average savings of 123,012.00 kg CO2/a.

Attraverso i tuoi occhi - Rossana Marra, published by NFC Edizioni - is a photo book that tells the activities of the NGO Oxfam Italy through the faces of the children involved in the projects of preventive health care and education in South Africa.
With the purchase of 300 copies of this publication, we helped to support the action of Oxfam in South Africa, working in reception centers for children who live in hardship.

Since 2004 we support local business in the semi-professional football, in particular the nursery of his youth teams with over 400 children.

Early stages of the construction of a water well in Kenya (near the Amboseli National Park).
Arredoquattro Industrie supports "Imagine to help", in this and other projects in Kenya.